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Test price does not include interpretation or any recommendations about your test results. You will need to schedule your one-on-one consultation session with Elena to review your test results and receive recommendations and customized supplements regimen.

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Metals Hair Test

A Metals Hair Test is perfect for checking current exposure to toxic metals and levels of the majority of minerals present in the body. Hair provides important information that can assist the clinician with an early diagnosis of physiological conditions associated with abnormalities in essential and toxic element metabolism.

Organic Acids Test (OAT)

Precise analysis of your organic amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, heavy metal exposure, neurotransmitters and antioxidants to create the plan of action.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Comprehensive DNA stool testing to identify the root causes of your digestive discomfort. The test reveals beneficial bacteria and different pathogens in the GI tract. Evaluate inflammation and immune markers to aid with appropriate treatments protocols.

IgG Food Allergy Test + Candida

Blood test from the finger to identify the foods that are safe to eat and ones that can cause adverse reactions and inflammation.

Saliva Hormones Test

Salivary hormone testing is a comfortable, non-invasive diagnostic option to measure unbound and biologically active levels of most critical hormones in the body.

Porphyrins Urine Test

The Porphyrins Profile can help identify the severity of heavy metal toxicity or organic chemical exposure in patients. Chemical exposure and a heavy toxic burden can have physiological effects resulting in impaired metabolism and cellular function.